Recipe Videos

Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Recipe Videos

With the added dimension of a brand expert to demonstrate a recipe or cooking technique, presenter-led videos offer a more insightful showcase to a brand, or a particular product within the brand’s offerings. Paired with original and curated recipes, the presenter can walk viewers through the recipe steps while educating them about specific brand attributes, leading to a more comprehensive presentation of the brand. These videos can also be repurposed to drive additional engagement on social media.

Howto Video

Star Ranch Angus – Carne Asada Tortas

Recipe Video

Chairman’s Reserve Beef Birria Tacos

"I’ve been very impressed with Parable. Their strength is storytelling that resonates with people and cuts to the heart strings."

Tyson Foods

Britney Banuelos

Senior Brand Manager, Tyson Foods

“You have a really talented, knowledgeable, experienced and versatile team that made whatever they found work.”

Elanco LogoSpencer Morris

Marketing Associate, Elanco Animal Health

“Not only have I seen terrific results with my own eyes, but the feedback from other areas of our business has been effusive.”

Tyson Foods

Kent Harrison

former Vice President of Marketing and Premium Programs, Tyson Foods

“They know what they are doing. Parable conveys the emotions we wanted consumers to feel. I am in good creative hands.”

Bubba Burger

Elizabeth Cordell Rice

Marketing Manager, Hickory Foods

“Authenticity is important. The Parable team understands the value of that to our business, so I don’t have to worry about all the details.”

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Dan Stewart

Director of Marketing, Creekstone Farms®

"If this past week was any indication of how the final product will turn out, I think we will all be impressed!"

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Kirk Doran

Regional Sales Manager, Creekstone Farms®

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